Newsletter No. 179

Newsletter Winter 2015: Regulations on Investment

New Investment Decree simplifying investment procedures

New Decree on management of State capital regulating the sale of State equity interests

New Construction Decree regulating the management of construction projects based on sources of capital funding

New Decree on the real estate business guiding exemption from the minimum capital requirement for real estate business and procedure to transfer real estate projects


Newsletter No. 178

Legal Framework for Developing and Financing Projects Taking Shape

New Decree on Selection of Investors subject PPP projects to competitive selection of investors;

  1. New BOT Power Projects Circular sets forth cases where direct appointment of investor is permitted;

  2. New Legal Opinions Decree narrows the documents eligible for the Ministry of Justice legal opinions in PPP projects and government guaranteed loan;

  3. New Constructions Contracts Circular expands the types projects the construction of which is subject to its governance;

  4. New Bank Guarantee Circular provides conditions for a bank to issue a guarantee for a residential project developer's obligations to future house buyers.