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Category: Newsletters

Guideline on New Anti-money Laundering Law

Posted on Jan 31, 2023 in Legal Update by

While Vietnam remains a predominantly cash-based economy, its legal frame work on anti-money laundering, according to the Asian Pacific Group on Money Laundering (APG)’s assessment in its Mutual Evaluation Report dated January 2022, is still incomprehensive and limited, which makes the country itself vulnerable to risks of money laundering. Pursuant to the report on national risk assessment on money laundering and terrorism financing conducted by the Vietnamese authority for the period of 2012-2017, the risk […]

Legal Landscape of LNG-to-Power in Vietnam

Posted on May 27, 2021 in Newsletters by

Supported by the favorable geographical and natural conditions, and constrained by the restrictions on thermal power projects in the last few years, Vietnam has been promoting the solar and wind renewable energy in the last 5 years, and now the LNG-to-power (the concept of using liquefied natural gas for power production) (LNG). Fear of being late, many local and foreign investors have been lining up to find opportunities to develop large scale gas-fired power plants […]

Vietnam New Law on Investment

Posted on Dec 7, 2020 in Newsletters by

Vietnam continues to develop and update the legal framework and investment to encourage the investment activities in Vietnam. This briefing focuses on the important changes under the Law on Investment 2020 (the “New Law”), which will take effect from 01 January 2021. Read the full report here. 

Vietnam New Law on Enterprises

Posted on Dec 7, 2020 in Newsletters by

From 01 January 2021, several new laws will take effect in Vietnam, including Law on Enterprises 2020, Law on Investment 2020, Law on PPP 2020, and Law on Securities 2019, which will provide several changes to the legal framework and legal practice in Vietnam. This briefing focuses on the important changes under the Law on Enterprises 2020 (the “New Law”), in comparison with the Law on Enterprise 2014. A separate briefing will discuss changes under […]